POS hotline is the
Official RapidFire Support Organization

Radiant Systems and BMI handed over support of the RapidFire point-of-sale systems to POS Hotline in April of 2010. Prior to that, POS hotline was already supporting more than 50% of the over 900 restaurants using RapidFire today.

Our staff is anchored by Kevin Clements, the former RapidFire Product Manager, and Collin Clements, who has installed and supported RapidFire systems for 13 years.

Whether you need a new system, replacement equipment, or technical assistance, POS hotline is dedicated to providing you with knowledgeable technicians, fair prices and the fastest response times. See why so many restaurants depend on us for support and expert advise!

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Paying too much in Credit Card Fees and Services?

We have written a comprehensive article explaining how the merchant services industry works. Educatioin is the first step to lower your rates and fees. And never forget the importance of good service! Read the "Merchant Provider Education & Referal" article. Page link on the left.

Need a good referal? POS Hotline endorses MPS for merchant services. The team at MPS can help you lower your processing costs and fees, while providing you with exceptional 24/7 service.

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