86 Borders - Delivery Tracking

86 Borders - Delivery Tracking
Point of Success - Delivery Mapping PLUS with 86 Borders

Delivery Mapping
and Customer Communication

Take mapping to the next level with 86 Borders. Do more than just organize driver's delivery routes. Allow 86 Borders to communicate with your customers! No more lost time tracking down drivers locations or calling customers who do not answer the door!

86 Borders uses Geo-Fence technology to track your driver's current location.

  • See exactly where drivers are turn-by-turn, just like Uber!

  • Customers receive a text message when the driver is on the way. A link is provided allowing them to follow the driver as he nears their location.

  • When a customer calls for an update on their order, you can quickly provide an accurate driver location and estimated time of delivery.

  • Virtually eliminate calls from drivers due to customers not answer their door. Customers have already been alerted by text that the driver is on his way and are ready when the driver arrives!

  • Keep your customers happy with the latest communication tools in food delivery today! Succeed with Point of Success and 86 Borders!

         * No up front software cost. Pass the $0.25 per delivery cost on to your customers.

    Text Marketing with 86 Borders

    Text marketing use correctly is a valuable tool in today's fast paced world. Point of Success and 86 Borders can help you grow you business and increase customer satisfaction.

    Text Marketing allows the user to send a text message blast to customers inviting them to come in, take advantage of an offer, or other calls to action. Features include:

    • Filter customers by a number of criteria to reduce costs and target communications

    • $0.04 per text message makes this an extraordinarily inexpensive advertising method

    • Timely reach and proven effectiveness makes text messaging a must-have for any restaurant

    • Automatically obey’s all opt-in and opt-out communication laws and text restrictions