The TSP650II Series Thermal Receipt Printer

TSP650II Thermal Printer
Star Micronics TSP650II

The TSP650II replaces the TSP650. The updated model boasts a lightning fast print speed of 60RPM (receipts per minute) which translates to and 300mm/second. The TSP650II also has an upgraded Guillotine Cutter with a 2 million cut lifespan, twice that of the TSP650 guillotine. It can even be vertically wall mounted or placed on and optional display stand.

• Fast: 60 RMP (300mm/s)
• Reliable Guillotine Cutter (2 million cuts)
• Drop-In and Print Paper Loading
• Designed for either 80mm or 58mm thermal paper
• Logo Utility (Stores Logos, Coupons, and Graphics)
• Swappable Communication Interface (Excluding Bluetooth Model)
• Recessed Cable Connections
• Connectivity: Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WebPRNT

What’s included in the box:
• Wall Mount Bracket
• Vertical Mount Pads
• 58mm paper Guide
• Start-up Roll Paper
• Power supply
• Setup Guide
• Installation CD (Printer Driver / Manuals)

Optional Items:
- Splash Proof Cover
- Vertical Display Stand