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Sales and Support for
RapidFire point-of-sale system

Whether you need a new system, replacement equipment, or technical assistance, POS hotline is dedicated to providing you with knowledgeable technicians, fair prices and the fastest response times. See why so many restaurants depend on us for support and expert advise!

RapidFire Solutions!

Need to connect a USB Report Printer to your RapidFire Workstation?

Once again, we've got you covered. Check out our Report Printer Solution

Want more secure data on your RapidFire POS System?
Replace your old IDE hard drive with a New SATA Hard Drive!

Our new IDE/SATA Adapter Converter allows you to connect a new, fast SATA hard drive to your old motherboard's IDE hard drive connection. No special software required.

Stop buying used IDE hard drives. Secure your data with a fast, new SATA Hard Drive.
The IDE/SATA Converter is available at POS Hotline

   * Further simplify the process by purchasing a SATA hard drive Pre-formated with DOS and our simple copy program. Give us a call today!

Replace your floppy drive with a USB Thumb Drive!

We found a USB Thumb Drive solution that does not require the purchase of a new workstation.

Simply replace your floppy drive with our USB device and DOS formatted USB Thumb drive.

Easily transfer files to your windows computer. Store the data of 100 floppy disk a single USB Thumb Drive. There are so many advantages.
Replace your floppy drive with a RapidFire Thumb Drive today!