Power Protection: Surge Strip & UPS w/ Power Filter

Good Power Protection is essential to keep your business up and running with minimal down time!

Surge protection is adequate for printers and cash drawers, but not for expensive POS workstations and touch screens. Power surges are the cause of less than 20% of data loss, operating system corruption and computer damage combined.

Yet, nearly 80 percent of computer down time is caused by power issues in restaurants. Most of this of can be attributed to power outages, ground noise, ground loop current, dirty power and problems caused by other equipment on the same circuit.

Standard Battery Backups only protect your equipment from power surges and power outages. Yet, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with line conditioners can cost as much as a computer.

That is why we are introducing SmartPower Systems OF400-TBF, a UPS with an Electronic Power Conditioner and "Smart Ground" Technology. Finally a product that will protect your investment at an affordable price! ..Click on the product below to learn more.