Caller ID for Businesses and POS Integration

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Caller ID for Businesses and POS Integration

Caller ID systems are not just for home users attempting to avoid phone solicitors or that nosey neighbor. They are a valuable tool for businesses. And when integrated with CRM software and point of sale systems, they become a valuable tool to save time and build customer relationships.

By integrating a caller ID system with a CRM or POS system, customer records may be automatically pulled up on your computer screen. In a busy office this can save a company a lot of time and money. But the advantages don't end there. The greatest adavantage is the good will you build with your customers.

Let's say you get a call from John Smith. Instead of hearing a recording or "XYZ business, how may I direct your call", John hears "XYZ Business... is this John Smith? Hi John, this is Mark. How can I help you today?" As I said before, this is a powerfull tool!

Not only does your customer feel recognized, but you have all their records at your finger tips immediately. Your customer gets helped quickly and by an employee with his service or sales history at their finger tips. Everone wants to feel acknowledge, appreciated and a sense of belonging. Caller ID integration is a tool that business can employee with their staff to build customer loyalty.

Small businesses generally can't afford expensive phone systems, nor do they have a team of IT techs and programmers in their employment. So where do you turn for cost effective solutions? produces the most widely used caller id systems that integrate with small business phone systems. They have a long list of software, CRM and POS systems that are already designed to integrate flawlessly with their "Whozz Calling?" 2, 4 and 8 line caller id boxes. To save money on these systems, we recommend visiting POS Shopper and checking the CRM and POS partners that work with the Whozz Calling? product line.

The Whozz Calling? products also have offer stand alone software products that can be used to impower your sales and service teams to provide fast and personalized customer service. Your customers will appreciate the personal attention and reduced phone order and reorder times. Increase customer loyalty and grow your business intelligently by taking full advantage of integrated caller id systems.