Vertex 2-Line Caller ID

Vertex 2-Line Caller ID

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Vertex - 2 Voice Channels

2 Line Caller ID for VoIP by

If you need Caller ID popup screens with your VoIP phone service, Vertex is the solution!

Compatible with any software package originally designed to work with's Whozz Calling units.

Vertex collects inbound and outbound call information on both Hosted and Managed VoIP systems.
Already integrated with over 175 POS and Hospitality systems

Pop-up Customer Records - Quickly access customer records
Personalize Phone Calls - Call customers by name and taylor your conversations
Save Time Taking Orders - Customer records immediately at hand for fast order taking
Call Back Unanswered Customer - The hardware tracks whether calls have been answered or not
Adjust Staffing - Unit reports the time it takes to answer each call and the call duration
Bill Clients for Phone Hours - Charge based on the total duration of calls to and from your customers
Track Telemarketing Productivity- Examine the number of calls made and duration on each phone