USB Thumb Drive solution for RapidFire

USB Thumb Drive
Replace your floppy drive with a USB Thumb Drive!

That's right! We've tested the leading DOS compatible USB products and offer the best solution on the market.

All other USB solutions we tested for RapidFire required a new "special" N01 workstation, which meant that your existing N02 workstation could not be used to replace your N01 workstation in an emergency. So we kept searching for a better solution. We finally found an inexpensive, easy to install solution works on your existing workstations.

Simply replace your floppy drive with our USB Device and DOS formatted USB Thumb Drive. Problem solved!

USB Thumb Drive Benefits:

- Reliable, long life storage of data.

- Eliminates floppy drive errors such as "General error reading drive A:"

- The USB Thumb Drive stores the data of 100 floppy disks.

- Provide your Marketing company customer data on a USB Thumb Drive.

- Our support team can email files and repair tools, which can easily be copied to the Flash Drive and
  used directly on your RapidFire computer.

This is the solution we all have been waiting for!