Vertex - Caller ID for VOIP

The benefits of using Vertex with your CRM or Point of Sale system

Caller ID has become an invaluable tool for today’s businesses. Add integration with a CRM or point-of-sale system and it becomes a virtual necessity! Whether you run a pizza restaurant with busy pick-up and delivery service or a sales organization, servicing customer quickly is a key to success and profitability.

Vertex is the solution to the “time is money” phrase for many industries. When integrated with you office software, Vertex can communicate the customer phone number and instantly pull up your customer’s information in the take it take you to pick up the phone. This puts your customers records, address, order history, etc at your disposal immediately. Imagine calling your customer by name as you pick up the phone and tailoring your conversations to best serve them. Integration with Vertex (or Whozz Calling?) units can save precious seconds during peak hours saving both you and your customer time.

Vertex provides tools for business owners as well. You can adjust your staffing based on the number of calls and call duration by day and time frames. Block nuisance calls from certain Caller ID numbers. Track the productivity of your sales staff by examining the number of calls made and the duration of those calls. Even use the system to bill clients for phone hours, based on both in coming and outbound calls.

Buy a Vertex Caller ID for VOIP model to fit your growing needs. Vertex is available in 2 line, 4 ilne, 6 line, 8 line, 10 line, 15 line and 20 line models.

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Vertex is compatible with any software designed to work with's Whozz Calling? products.