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Whozz Calling? Caller ID Review & Low Price Resources

The Whozz Calling and Vertex Caller ID products are the most widely used and integrated multi line line caller id box products in the US and for good reason. They easily integrate with POS systems, hotel software, sales force applications and is a boon for any business that has multiple phone lines and a database of customers.

If you are already using a Whozz Calling product and are just looking for the lowest price to replace your current model, we suggest going to POS Shopperís Caller ID page. They're simple to follow set of instrucitons will guide you to the right product for your POS system. Their descriptions of the Whozz Calling models the new Vertex product is easy to understand. They even have a link to help you identify which model you require based upon the software you are using, whether a POS system or otherwise. But if you are trying to determine if the benefits out weight the costs, read the rest of this article.

Whozz Calling Ethernet

What are the benefits of using a multi line caller id box?

To be honest, the advantages are countless. But the bottom line is that it will save you time, money and provide speed of service with a personal touch.
  • Increased Productivity - when integrated with software customers records are automatically displayed on your screen.
  • Personalize Greetings - using the customer integration. Call you customers by name and know their buing habits.
  • Increase Sales - using the customerís sales history and business knowledge.
  • Quickly Route Calls Automatically - to the customerís representative using database software integration.
  • Lower Labor Costs - multiply the time it takes to look up customer over a month or year. You get it!

Whozz Calling POS basic

The number of benefits are endless, but these key points should be enough to convince you that an multi line integrated caller id solution will save you money and benefit your customers.

Whozz Calling 4 line caller id

Which Caller ID product is right for my business?

Choosing the right caller ID product is not as difficult as it sounds. Ask a few simple questions:
  • What software product do you use? Is it designed to work with a CallerID.com product? Your software company can answer this question.
  • Do I have an Analog or Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone system? Analog systems use a Whozz Calling model. VOIP phones use a Vertex caller ID unit.
  • How many phone lines do you manage? Whozz Calling comes in 2, 4 and 8 phone line models (and can be daisy chained for more lines). Vertex come in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15 and 20 line models.
  • If using a Whozz Calling model do you need a Basic or Deluxe model with an Ethernet or Serial connection? For the answer to this question, call your software company or go to POS Shopper and use the Production Selection Guide link on the web page.

Whozz Calling Deluxe

The bottom line is caller id is a valuable tool for businesses today. CallerID.com has set the industry standard for multi line Caller ID systems for years, which is why so many product developers integrate with their products. Their support team is knowledgeable and can send you instructions for setting up the system with multiple applications and POS system. POS Adviser doesnít hesitate in recommending integrating caller id into your business. You can thank us later!