Whozz Calling? Caller ID - Analog Phones


Whozz Calling? products by CallerID.com

the world's leading manufacture of commercial multi-line Caller ID hardware for computer telephony. They are the used by more point-of-sale system than any other caller ID technology in the world. CallerID.com offers rock-solid hardware, backed with a 2-year warranty and lifetime free technical support.

CallerID offers 3 models with varying features with either Ethernet or Serial interfaces:

Whozz Calling? Deluxe - Full featured model that monitors both in-bound CID and Outbound numbers dialed. Used for its robust reporting and feature rich pop-up applications.

Whozz Calling? POS / Basic - Basic Caller ID information for pop-up screens. It captures caller ID time/date, name and number and indicates which phone line the caller is on.

Whozz Calling? Lite / Legacy - Virtually the same product as Whozz Calling? POS (Basic) units. These devices include the 'first ring suppression' feature. Primarily used by older POS technology.

Please use the link below to ensure you are purchasing the correct Caller ID model.

Caller ID Analog Selection Guide - click here