WhozzCalling?2 Deluxe Serial

WhozzCalling?2 Deluxe Serial

Product Description


Whozz Calling?2 Deluxe - Serial connection

Manage 2 Phone Lines - Inbound CID and Outbound call tracking

Monitor all aspects of phone activity. Use for robust pop-up applications, complete call tracking, and real-time phone line activity. Both Inbound Caller ID and outbound numbers dialed are reported along with call duration, number of rings before answer, on-hook, off-hook, and ring signal.

Improve customer relationships by instantly having their information on screen, speed service and order taking, identify and return missed calls, and track outbound activity.

Compatible Software Includes:

2TouchPOS - Xenios
Aldelo POS
Control 4
Opus POS Software
Pixdl Point POS - Par
Plexis POS Software
Visual Dispatch - Lembert Computer Tech

Please use the link below to ensure you are purchasing the correct Caller ID model.

Caller ID Analog Selection Guide - click here